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Peery 0a2f7b30db Turret Vision
Implemented the turret vision area to successfully detect missiles and railgun targets (via node groups) and keep track of those that entered.
2 years ago
Peery 4068d504a5 Missile Movement and dV Capacity
Implemented Missile movement and acceleration via simple throttle (from 0.0 to 1.0) instructions. Each missile also has its own fuel given in dV (delta-V) and all thrusters turn and stay off when it reaches 0.

Known Issue:
The rotation thrusters do not turn off correctly when the dV runs out. Seems to be just a visual bug tho.
2 years ago
Peery 9b91d2c8a9 Missile Side Thrusters and new Shader path
Changed the missile model to also include thrusters for rotational purposes and gave them the same exhaust shader.
Each shader is a unique instance and displayed thrusts can be set with set_X_rotational_thrust(), set_Y_rotational_thrust() and set_main_engine_thrust() in the missile root respectively.

Also added a second missile in the space scene just for debugging purposes.
2 years ago
Peery c8d0ac802a Missile Exhaust Shader as a file
Separated the missile exhaust shader into an own file
2 years ago
Peery d393ab1150 Missile Exhaust Cutoff Point
The change_engine_power() function in the missile root node hides the entire engine exhausts when the power is set to 0.
2 years ago
Peery 8b25efe822 Missile with Exhaust Effects
Created a missile model with 4 exhausts in Blender and imported it with collision shapes (not tested yet if they work).
Created an exhaust shader with a simple particle trail. The shader that creates the exhaust flame can be adapted to the missile burn power.
2 years ago
Peery 7c86284ca8 Added simple README 2 years ago
Peery 8c079822f0 Added GIF animation for the README
Added a silly animation where a turret tracks a target point with debugging shapes.
2 years ago
Peery 8c43b39f01 Added space scene and Railgun
Added an empty space with the nebula as a skybox. Also created the railgun subscene with scripts to follow a given target with the turret.
2 years ago
Peery d20c964d62 Default godot files
Files automatically generated by godot
2 years ago
Peery 46f9722bc5 Added Asset Railgun
Added model for a simple railgun with textures and a 3 bone rig. Result was exported with materials as a gltf
2 years ago
Peery 92a8e76aeb Added Asset Space Nebula Skybox
Added images for a space nebula skybox which was generated with Spacescape (https://github.com/petrocket/spacescape)
2 years ago
Peery 851771042b Initial commit
Added gitignore with godot-specific ignores
2 years ago