24 Commits (master)

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lub 7d2e58991e switch to gitea.lubiland.de 11 months ago
lub ebaa958e50 switch to gitea.lubiland.de 11 months ago
lub 115afc0428 add log output in case no action is needed 3 years ago
lub 5d6adcab4d add a deploy.sh
it builds the docker image and pushes it to the hardcoded registry
4 years ago
lub 1a6fbd9d96 search for docker-compose.yml instead of *.yaml,*.yml
since we place configs (which could be yaml) in the lubidock
repository it can cause errors while mistakenly parsing service
configs instead of only parsing compose files
4 years ago
lub c0e8c99380 use $nat.protocol instead of hardcoded tcp 5 years ago
lub 26eb77afd4 extract optional protocol from short form
fixes issue #1
5 years ago
lub 8712db3763 additionally create chain rule in OUTPUT
otherwise they won't work locally on the swarm workers
5 years ago
lub f8969e5f4a correct the iptables rule to use published_port as target 5 years ago
lub 9873aec3d0 switch to debian based powershell image
this matches the version used on our hosts
-preview is used because buster (including the newer nf_tables backend for iptables) isn't available in stretch
5 years ago
lub cc4b970de2 run pwsh command directly without entrypoint 5 years ago
lub 1d05b65c3d insert new rules as first
this orders the SWARM-NAT jump rule before DOCKER-INGERSS
5 years ago
lub aa34420c42 read params from $env 5 years ago
lub 88641b27ec set -e in entrypoint.sh 5 years ago
lub 32fd21257d add intial docker-compose 5 years ago
lub babfefa910 add initial Dockerfile 5 years ago
lub 08491dcbba implement $ingress_address and actually add rules
This commit adds Get-DockerIngressAddress
5 years ago
lub 284c415076 implement Start-IptablesProcess
this strips away some splatting boilerplate of the other iptables functions
5 years ago
lub cdf3653658 implement Add-IptablesRule 5 years ago
lub e4a4c91471 add Test-IptablesRule 5 years ago
lub 1bc493d5de add legacy bash code/notes 5 years ago
lub 8e8b4b35ac implement creation of SWARM-NAT chain
this is done by two functions:
5 years ago
lub 055fe0042e add license 5 years ago
lub 92fbd0b4c5 working parsing 5 years ago