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lub 2fa9136f3e add some gmo wow mobs 10 months ago
lub c8277e10bc skamos lvl 4 session 7
* had nightmares with crows
 * mayor seemed enchanted
 * whole town was asleep
 * ventured into the woods
 * found the wolves
 * killed a troll
 * found some militia camp
 * killed the militia
 * it was a vision from the raven queen

next time we are looking for the wolves and investigate what happened
with the mayor. again :)
4 years ago
lub 2fe1363506 skamos lvl 3 session 5
* visited the blacksmith and modded some weapons
 * broken into the mayor's house and stole his equipment
 * found the mayor and brought him to the tavern

next time we are looking for the wolves and investigate what happened
with the mayor ...
4 years ago
lub 751a2e5563 skamos lvl 3 session 5
* slaughtered through the dungeons
* we got attacked by vines in the dungen and flew
* met Seth and Yelran (yay new friends)
* the mayor seems to have attacked the tavern with three others
* going to sleep now

tomorrow we will search for the mayor or get our gold by other means.
4 years ago
lub 6575939ebf skamos lvl 3 session 4
* arrived in the morning
 * met hokkar and asked him about wolves
 * slept in the tavern
 * got quest from mayor to kill ghouls until next morning
   600g if it's before 5 a.m.
   400g if it's after 5 a.m.
 * went shopping
 * adventured into a dungeon
 * zombies are really tough sometimes
 * found some gold and gems :)

heading deeper into the dungeon ...
4 years ago
lub b397eb6724 skamos lvl3 session 3
* got gold from father merrekson and tillus
* father merrekson discloses that his son went missing the same time the wolves appeared
* investigated the house of father merrekson's son
* the son probably experimented with weather spells, which had the side effect of turning them into wolves
* we offered to search for the remaining wolves in the next village ( 100g if we are successful)

we just arrived at the village border
4 years ago
lub a9ca47fa33 skamos lvl2 session 2
went to the wolf den
got beaten up
retreated into the forest
got attacked by the same wolves and killed them
went back to the den and intimidate the remaining wolfes to leave
the wolves leave in the same night

it seems the wolves are some cursed humans
we took the human cloths we found with us

next time we go straight to the mayor and
want to intimidate him
what's going on??
4 years ago
lub da19d4cc58 skamos lvl2 session 1
helped two shepherds by battled some wolfes
chilling in the village's inn
steal some gold from the inn
resting there
next day marched to the wolf's den/cave
killed an owlbear on the way
4 years ago
lub 09215bf5b2 skamos initial setup 4 years ago