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  lub 9f0dfa19af fix license 2 weeks ago
  lub 594f042449 add composer directory to .gitignore 1 year ago
  lub 7ac383de74 update config name in .gitignore 1 year ago
  lub a4ac0e2ea2 fixup! move src code copy to second stage 1 year ago
  lub 91ef02ca08 fix example to use example.org 1 year ago
  lub e194403c44 fix style in config.sample.php 1 year ago
  lub 6ebd4d736a update readme with instructions for config.php 1 year ago
  lub add4beee31 move src code copy to second stage 1 year ago
  lub f10a9e39c5 rename config 1 year ago
  lub dcbe8d8297 switch to composer for ts3phpframework dependency management 1 year ago
  lub 1affc566d0 add comment why we sleep 1 year ago
  lub 91196c0f80 get default group name from sub channel topic 1 year ago
  lub e208cdc5e2 fixup! replace preg_replace with preg_replace_callback /e is not supported starting with php 7.0 1 year ago
  lub 485d81f9b3 refresh channel list after every loop 1 year ago
  lub 74902953a6 fix style in functions.php 1 year ago
  lub 22d45e772a fix icon inheritance 1 year ago
  lub 92160fd812 replace preg_replace with preg_replace_callback 1 year ago
  lub 41ded50525 add initial Dockerfile 1 year ago
  lub d0565ba96d put foreach in a while(true) loop 1 year ago
  lub 08fca8d441 update license 1 year ago
  lub 4dd515e12e add ts3phpframework submodule 1 year ago
  lub 57decf2949 create semi-permanent instead of permanent channels 5 years ago
  lub 5994d3e7b5 bugfix 5 years ago
  lub ca5bdc485a adjust .gitignore 5 years ago
  lub 5897d9b831 don't delete channel #1 5 years ago
  lub 75e09f81be refactor 5 years ago
  Simon Körner 5943169367 Delete service.php 5 years ago
  lub a4722fc2c1 fix service and cronjob 6 years ago
  lub 49fb97f955 fix error of multiple function declerations 6 years ago
  lub cf1be9740a added running as a service instead of cronjob 6 years ago
  lub 242b56128b added running as a service instead of cronjob 6 years ago
  lub 521fa302f7 rm -r images/ 6 years ago
  lub 191e215776 temp channels aren't possible... broken by design 6 years ago
  lub 295c75b65b fix permanent creation of temp channels 6 years ago
  lub 777d05f3fb remove example images from readme 6 years ago
  lub 6841fcb690 create temporary channels and remove deletion 6 years ago
  Simon Körner 180b0ad68f fixing #1 and introducing $options 6 years ago
  Simon Körner b1ab6ede61 fixed issue with mix of exceptional and full channels 6 years ago
  Simon Körner fe0fbbeea4 Initial Push 6 years ago
  Simon Körner 1f78f0d83f typo 6 years ago
  Simon Körner 4d74ba6abc Initial commit 6 years ago