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Peery b0139c012f Updated README.md
Fixed a typo.
7 years ago
Peery 42f21a881b Added Requirements to README.md 7 years ago
Noclux 6b181d93f7 Created README.md
Wrote basic readme for description, setup, usage and settings of picture-mosaic.
Installtion instructions (as from souce code/repo to runnable code) still needs to be done.
7 years ago
Peery 06691c653a Added Settingsfile & Minor Code cleanup
A settings.txt file is created and filled with
the hard-coded values if none is found.
If one is found its content will overwrite the
hard-coded values.

Checks if the internal version string matches the settings.txt
file before loading the values.
The settings file ignores lines not matching the regex: ".*=.*"
7 years ago
Peery a873a0e096 Alpha-0.33 Bugfixes, keepRatio & cut-off black
Fixed Bugs preventing correct execution including:
Erroneous slot calculations
Incorrect workload division for targetWorkers
Placing shrinked Versions (improved performance)

Also introduced:
keepRatio option - to only shrink Input while keeping their ratio
cutOut		 - cutting out unrasterized space on the target Image
(cutOut is only there to correct the flawed Rasterization)
7 years ago
Peery dc25d1f2ab Alpha 0.32 Commit - multi-threaded
Rewrote architecture to support multi-threaded worker instances.
Added a performance log (still untested) to log run times.
7 years ago
Peery f5a4438867 Fixed bugs and added ReadMe
fixed some Bugs including non-existing Folders or Files.
Added ReadMe for clarity. Spawns when folder verification failed.
7 years ago
Peery 9152b37c9f Alpha-0.1 Commit
Tested working on Linux system in development environment.
Input pictures are stretched to fit their slots.
Configuration lies within the source files.
7 years ago
Peery 26c183c1e5 Initial Commit WIP 7 years ago