154 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
lub ae04d60ffe update keys 7 months ago
lub c9354146da fix parameter used in 1d7656a8a3
bookworm version is too old
7 months ago
lub 082c2205e6 make reset multithreaded and shorter 7 months ago
lub 1d7656a8a3 allow sk keys in dropbear 7 months ago
lub 229307142f add grub default config 7 months ago
lub ba60386f6b maybe fix syntax for dropbear port 7 months ago
lub d5df38a312 go directly in chroot at the end to set passwords 7 months ago
lub 1c64dbcbac trying to fix dropbear 7 months ago
lub 3a60297bef Revert "only use rsa keys for dropbear"
This reverts commit 7eb3bb228f.
7 months ago
lub d3bdee872c add non-free-firmware
e.g. for firmeware-linux
7 months ago
lub 4ad462dc0b add recommended k3s sysctl 7 months ago
lub c74e70f883 upgrade to debian bullseye 7 months ago
lub dac8e57a9e re-add esp_uuid replacmenet 7 months ago
lub 297a1264bd add fixme for ipv6 address 7 months ago
lub 90150fabb9 fix device name 7 months ago
lub 7b7eba66d1 fix fstab for ext4 7 months ago
lub 3a97519844 fix mkfs.ext4 parameters
introduced in 70595df7ba
7 months ago
lub 67d6c4b33d try fix for #5 7 months ago
lub cf48fe816e install longhorn deps
fixes #8
7 months ago
lub 70595df7ba switch to ext4
we dont use any btrfs features anymore

btrfs backend for containers seems to have worse performance and worse support
7 months ago
lub 93e0e83d58 remove docker
fxies #9
7 months ago
lub de4bdf7f2c auto accept dist-upgrade 7 months ago
lub c28069b352 fix mount point creation 7 months ago
lub 3e709e4e70 fix parameters of parted 7 months ago
lub 12d09583ce fix device names 7 months ago
lub 13d99038d1 add kubernets network config 7 months ago
lub 3de47520c3 add additional disks 7 months ago
lub 9d2a02cfe3 change disk layout 7 months ago
lub 1964773c54 remove 11 months ago
lub 0ecce74b56 update ssh keys 12 months ago
lub afd6546cbb add docker daemon.json to default configs
needed to enable ipv6 on docker_gwbridge network
1 year ago
lub 7dd0a83d61 fix last line lol 1 year ago
lub 2961ca6db5 add fqdn to hosts file
fixes #4
1 year ago
lub 20909b75d2 implement automatic ipv6 address finding
also pin to mac address

fixes #7
1 year ago
lub 447f71e8c2 add a cleanup section and purge exim4
fixes #6
1 year ago
lub 870a57eb53 clarify comment 1 year ago
lub 92df129cfa add reminder to post-debootstrap to use passwd
fixes the awkward docker privilege escalation workaround
1 year ago
lub 2dbf738f2c remove ip address 2 years ago
lub 5abd827621 add rsync 2 years ago
lub 7eb3bb228f only use rsa keys for dropbear 2 years ago
lub 0e56b936b9 move /etc/resolv.conf to the end
this prevents dns from breakign during setup
2 years ago
lub 94d48cdf8c rename btrfs-tools to btrfs-progs 2 years ago
lub 2e4312ca83 update debian-security.list 2 years ago
lub 863a440c1a add dnsutils 2 years ago
lub 4aefe21212 adjust nvme names due to new disk setup 2 years ago
lub 788c724418 change ssh keys of lub 2 years ago
lub 2cd009264a update to bullseye 2 years ago
lub 08aaf9176f enable fstrim.timer 3 years ago
lub 76117a6e74 add local resolver 3 years ago
lub 15ccadaf66 install chrony
automatically disables systemd-timesyncd.service
fixes #3
4 years ago