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lub 3b78b19330 use extra variable instead of post['category'] directly 2 months ago
lub b2c23d0446 fix old_cache check 2 months ago
lub 282b00daca set presence to offline 2 months ago
lub 05f9da94c0 optimize cache logic 2 months ago
lub f3ec6c6b73 remove unused import 2 months ago
lub 61981726db fix linter errors 2 months ago
lub ecf32bc114 add support for multiple categories 2 months ago
lub 4a531d98f5 relicense 2 months ago
lub ce4f3401f4 reorder native imports before 3rd party 2 months ago
lub 65f83c75f2 remove .gitignore 2 months ago
lub 544291ac60 switch to python:slim 2 months ago
lub 9202a2f49d add docker repo URIs to readme 2 months ago
lub 0130d63551 use hardcoded cache size instead of len(blog) 2 years ago
taire 00b6811a20 typo in comment 2 years ago
lub 11e4c753ce clarify admin room sharing in readme 2 years ago
lub 5b7f095470 add diablo bot to readme 2 years ago
lub f88f17bb65 use unbuffered output 2 years ago
lub 7990d787fc refactor category and image into own functions 2 years ago
lub fed4b15d08 fix scraping 2 years ago
lub cd194b344d fix example env vars in Dockerfile 2 years ago
lub 7b99ba0d2b update readme 3 years ago
lub 309e4b5dbf update public instances in readme 3 years ago
lub 9daf4c851f fix event_type parameter 3 years ago
lub 54a0261cae add some debug output 3 years ago
lub 6e9823df5e add sync timeout 3 years ago
lub 63e878ae7d randomize scraping interval 3 years ago
lub 586dcf15de refactor main() into single category bot 3 years ago
lub 09b86f2951 add some buffer to our cache 3 years ago
lub 5b37157a49 reverse order in which scraped posts are returned 3 years ago
lub 35edcac481 use markup for matrix room link 3 years ago
lub 03928a2e0f add public instances to readme 3 years ago
lub dcf5c99b73 add readme 3 years ago
lub 0511d44436 simplify requirements.txt 3 years ago
lub 524211fe5a run docker container as nobody:nogroup 3 years ago
lub 2766de71eb optimize Dockerfile caching 3 years ago
lub 8dbaab9473 reduce sync timeout 3 years ago
lub d21cc6cc40 switch from :alpine to :latest 3 years ago
lub 317ce719b5 add initial Dockerfile 3 years ago
lub 3e824fa92a add missing requirements 3 years ago
lub 39dedbdc8e filter out double colon 3 years ago
lub 13f48f9d8c dont spam the admin room with all updates 3 years ago
lub 90458f255e cleanup some vars 3 years ago
lub 0bcddaa5dc longer timeouts 3 years ago
lub 57e62ea871 add url cache 3 years ago
lub fd27695db1 add format to fallback message 3 years ago
lub 13efe0e0ac fix <h5> <a> ordering 3 years ago
lub 8d144e83a3 remove url from get_formatted_body 3 years ago
lub 83787bd31b start spamming messages 3 years ago
lub c84d401e07 auto accept invites 3 years ago
lub 7f031eef09 make description in body optional 3 years ago