a shrexulous timer https://goodtimer.lubiland.de/
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This is a simple countdown in plain HTML+CSS+JavaScript. You can either host it yourself (just serve the files in this repository with a web server) or use https://goodtimer.lubiland.de

The target date is specified behind a hash (#) and in any ECMAScript Date Time String Format. When you omit the timezone it uses the local time of the browser.

Here are some example URLs:


Matrix widget

Goodtimer is also usable as widget for Matrix clients. Within Element you can either specify the URL as 'Custom Widget' or manually send something like this example state event via /devtools:

type: im.vector.modular.widgets  
state_key: shadowlands-release
	"type": "customwidget",
	"url": "https://goodtimer.lubiland.de/#2020-11-24T00:00+01:00",
	"name": "Shadowlands Release",
	"data": {
		"curl": "https://goodtimer.lubiland.de/"