a [matrix] ping bot in PowerShell
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You can discuss this bot in #pingposh:imninja.net

This is a simple Matrix bot to participate in #ping:maunium.net


It automatically joins on invites. If someone sends a !ping or !ping <text>, it echoes back an m.notice with the following attributes:

"pong": {
      "ms": <difference of origin_server_ts and now>,
      "from": "<origin homeserver>",
      "ping": "<!ping event>"


It is configured via command line parameters or environment variables. Have a look at the param block at the beginning of bot.ps1 for all configuration options.

Example configuration with environment variables:

HOMESERVER: 'http://synapse:8008'
USERID: '@pingposh:imninja.net'
ACCESSTOKEN_FILE: '/run/secrets/pingposh_accesstoken'